Fabric Resistance Bands vs Rubber Bands: Which are better?

You've probably seen people use both¬†rubber and fabric bands around the gym and on social media. Banded workouts are particularly popular at the moment on apps like TikTok and YouTube as they are an effective tool to increase glute strength leading to booty gains ūüćĎ and increased core strength¬†ūüí™ūüŹĹ.

But which type of resistance band is superior? Read on to find out.   

We have based this verdict on 5 main categories:

  1. Comfort
  2. Durability
  3. Price
  4. Workout effectiveness
  5. Design 


Fabric resistance bands (like these ones) are made from quality elastic fabric material, which feels comfortable on your skin and won't cause irritation. On the other hand, rubber/latex bands often pinch at the skin and pull on hairs which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Moreover, they regularly roll up during exercises such as glute bridges and hip abductions, meaning that you have stop and readjust multiple times during your workout. This can be really frustrating!

Verdict: Fabric bands are far superior in terms of comfort!



Latex/rubber bands can rip or tear if stretched too far. Many people who have used latex bands swap over to fabric after having a negative experience with a band breaking whilst in use.

Fabric bands on the other hand will never rip or tear. They can begin to stretch out and fray a bit over time. However, this is only with extensive use (think daily use over a long period of time). 

Verdict: Fabric bands are superior in terms of durability as they do not rip or tear. 



Generally speaking, latex/rubber bands are cheaper than fabric bands, as they require less material and cheaper material to be manufactured.

Verdict: Latex/rubber bands are less costly, so win this category. 



You can build muscle and strength with both types of resistance bands. However, when it comes to rubber/latex resistance bands, you really need to buy the thickest one possible if you want to see any sort of muscular growth. The ones you traditionally find on Amazon, or at Target/Kmart are usually very thin and not very effective for hypertrophy and strength, unless you are an absolute beginner. 

Fabric resistance bands are generally a lot stronger, and can be purchased in sets of three, with multiple resistance levels so you have the ability to progress over time. 

Fabric bands are perfect for activating and keeping maximum tension on the legs, hips and glutes. They can be a useful tool to help you focus on the muscles being used in each movement. 

Verdict: Fabric bands are superior in workouts because they have increased resistance which engages your muscles more effectively. 



Latex/rubber bands are often come in cheap and cheerful designs, whereas fabric bands, with their higher price tag, generally come with more aesthetic design and branding. Strive Athletica, for example, has taken the time to create bands that look good and you would be happy to snap a photo of to post on your Insta ūüďł

Verdict: Fabric bands win this category!



The overall winner, with a score of 4/5 are FABRIC BANDS. In summary, although the price may be slightly higher than that of latex or rubber bands, you pay for what you get with increased comfort, durability, effectiveness and design. 

Fabric bands are the best type of band to help build a booty and they are much more comfortable! 

If you want to buy your own fabric resistance bands check these out!


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