The benefits of a workout buddy!

Working out alone can be hard! Some days we lack motivation and that's totally normal. When you're on your own it's easy to skip a set or lose form but when you have someone with you all of that changes... 

Here's why you should get a workout buddy!

1. You're more likely to actually complete the workout. 

Motivation comes and goes, but when you have committed to a friend, you are so much more likely to show up, and bring your A game to your workout. You don't want to let your friend down, and also they're there to support you throughout the session! It's a win win!

2. Your form is likely to improve!

Even if you're friend isn't super knowledgeable in the gym, they are still watching you and supporting you! If you look like you're about to fall, they'll jump in and help you. If your balance is off, they'll let you know. Having someone there to watch you, and provide feedback is EXTREMELY important in improving your form. Without someone watching you it is very hard to monitor your form and see what needs improving. 

3. You may be able to lift heavier or complete more reps!

Often, when we are in the company of a friend, some friendly competition arises and this is a good thing! It may push you to lift a bit heavier than you would have on your own, or add in a few extra reps to really push yourself and burn out your muscles. 

4. You'll have more fun!

When you're training with a good friend, they time flies by and the pain doesn't seem so bad when you're chatting and laughing half the time!


It's clear that working out with a friend is great for both your mental and physical health, so why not call up a friend and organise a weekly workout session together! You won't regret it!!


xx Strive Athletica xx

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