Why you shouldn't skip your warm up

Do you ever jump straight into your workout, forgetting about your warm up exercises? 

We hear you! Sometimes you may want to jump straight into the weights area, or set off on your run because that's the part you really enjoy but warm up exercises are SUPER important and here's why:

1. Warm up exercises help prevent injuries. 

When you perform warm up exercises (think hip circles, crab walks, bodyweight squats & lunges) you are pumping nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to your muscles. Warm-up exercises slowly increase your heart rate, and stretch out your muscles to prevent injury during activities.


2. Targeted warm up exercises help you to activate your muscles and develop a stronger mind-muscle connection. 

Do you struggle to feel your glutes squeeze in a squat? Or feel the activation in your hamstrings whilst performing a deadlift? Doing targeted warm-up exercises such as banded glute bridges before a weighted squat or raised glute bridges before a deadlift, will help you to feel those muscles working, thus build a stronger mind-muscle connection that carries over into your heavier lifts. Using a resistance band during these warmup exercises is a great way to add a bit of tension, thus increasing the activation in the muscles you are targeting. 


3. Warm ups help to get you in the right mindset to train!

You may have had a hectic day, and you don't feel connected with your body. You might feel tight or sluggish. Doing a warmup can help you ease into the workout gradually and provide a stepping stone to your workout. Once you've started, you will likely not want to stop!


We know when you're short on time it's tempting to skip a warm up and jump straight into your session, but by taking the time to perform some a good warm up exercises (including some activation exercises if you're going to be lifting weights), you're preparing your body for a more effective session! 


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